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alex-is-mar-ie asked:

Taurus giirl and Aquarius guy


Your signs have so little in common, it’s hard to make a go of this. Old-fashioned Taurus craves tradition, order and security. Rebel Aquarius is an oddball who lives to defy rules and convention. Taurus is an Earth sign who plants deep roots; Air sign Aquarius is an adventurous nomad who goes wherever the wind blows. While you may start out fascinated by each other, the magic ends faster than you can say “pixie dust.” Taurus will quickly offend Aquarius with his heavy-handed opinions and staunch political views. Free-spirited Aquarius will flee from the Bull’s possessive grip, which only clenches tighter the more Aquarius flits about. Then there’s the matter of your social circles, which rarely overlap. Aquarius habitually befriends the most eccentric people—the corner wino who’s solved the string theory, the local fortune teller, his bus driver. While Taurus may humor these characters in passing, all hell breaks loose when Aquarius invites his tribe of wayward souls to spend the weekend, or to sleep on the couch “until they get their act together.” Not on Taurus’ leather club chair and alpaca throw pillows! You can try to compromise, but you’ll only end up short-changing your natural gifts. Aquarius rules the zodiac’s eleventh house of friends and society; he’s the unofficial mayor wherever he goes, and is meant to spread himself among the people. Homebody Taurus has much more earthbound goals. Neither of you will get the satisfaction you crave unless you work hard to compromise

Spirit Animals for the Signs


Aries - Ram, Coyote, Rhino

Taurus - Bull, Buffalo, Turtle

Gemini - Wolf, Fox, Snake

Cancer - Crab, Armadillo, Possum

Leo - Lion, Gorilla, Tiger

Virgo - Deer, Mouse, Bear

Libra - Rabbit, Hedgehog, Elephant

Scorpio - Scorpion, Panther, Skunk

Sagittarius - Horse, Otter, Zebra

Capricorn - Goat, Camel, Puma

Aquarius - Giraffe, Porcupine, Moose

Pisces - Fish, Polar Bear, Squirrel

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